What is a landing page?


What is a landing page?

A landing page (other name is product page) is a special type of website. Its main goal is to get visitors to act by presenting specific content. It is not a company website, but rather a developed form of company advertising.
Very often, landing pages are used to sign up for a webinar, download a new e-book, inform about a specific promotion or launch a new type of product on the market. In short - they are used to achieve a specific, rather narrowly defined goal. A good landing page cannot exist without a CTA - call to action button.

Landing page and conversion rate

Most often, users go to the landing page after clicking on a banner, advertisement or link, the landing page of which is an extension. Its task is to obtain the highest possible conversion rate. So the conversion process will be to perform some specific task. This may be, for example, the purchase of a specific product, registration on the website, collecting contact details (e.g. when signing up for a webinar), informing a wider audience about a new product or the company's offer. The conversion rate is therefore an indicator of the effectiveness of the landing page. It is assumed that approx. 2-3% of website visitors will complete one of the planned tasks listed above.

What should a good landing page look like?

How to build a landing page depends to the greatest extent on what purpose it is supposed to fulfill. Before you start building your landing page, ask yourself who will be the recipient of your content? Who do we want to attract? What key information do we want to convey to him? Undeniably, each landing page is characterized by a simple structure. It usually does not have a classic drop-down menu. Rather, it focuses on eye-catching graphics and truncated text. As in the ad: the user only gives you a few seconds during which you can either interest him or lose his attention. Long elaborates or a complicated page composition will not help. If our goal is to collect contact details from users, remember that less is more - too many contact fields to fill in will discourage recipients from completing the task. Additionally, you have to take into account that the texts are as condensed and factual as possible. The call to action (CTA) button should get your attention. It should stand out on the page with a contrasting color, centered position and size. It should entice the user to click.