How to block websites not safe for children?


How can I make websites safe from children?

It is not uncommon to see toddlers with tablets in hand. In this way, parents often want to keep their child occupied for a while. We do not judge such practices, but it is always worth educating parents how to care for the safety of children on the Internet.
Parental lock has become a necessary element to implement in every home where there is a computer. So… let's face it - in every home.
The role of the parent is to take care of the child's safety and development. And we absolutely do not deny that there is a lot of valuable and useful content on the Internet. But we must keep our heads in mind that there is always the risk of a child encountering content or images that are dangerous to his still undeveloped psyche.
By using an adult content blocker, we have the opportunity to filter content that we consider unsuitable for children, such as profanity, pornography, and violence. This type of software also shows us internet usage statistics, time spent surfing the web or using specific applications. The files that the child wants to download from the Internet also require authorization. By using page blocking, we protect the child from dangerous strangers, and at the same time we have control over the time the child spends on the Internet. When wondering where to get an adult site blocker, it is worth knowing that this type of software is available for download on the Internet. There are free and paid packages (they have a wider range of activities and statistics). Examples of programs that can be downloaded for free:

We can also block websites for adults and with undesirable content from a laptop, desktop computer, as well as a tablet or smartphone. These options are available directly in browsers.

Windows 10

When using Windows 10 or Android devices, you can reinstall the Microsoft family plug. However, you must have a Microsoft account. The Microsoft family tracks Internet activity, measures the time spent on the computer, and enables restrictions on the use of adult websites.

Windows 8

In Windows 8, it's worth taking advantage of the Family Safety feature. Go to Control Panel → user account → select the profile on which you want to activate protection. After its launch, we can designate which portals and websites should be blocked for visiting, and also define the time limit for using the computer. Once a week, we have the opportunity to receive a report showing the statistics on the use of the Internet and the computer by the child.

Windows 7

If we are still using Windows 7, we can impose a parental lock via the browser. If we use Internet Explorer, go to Tools → Internet Options → Content. After running Content Advisor, we set a password and define what content is to be blocked.

Antivirus software for blocking non-child content (including websites)

There are antivirus programs available on the market, the additional function of which is parental control. For example, these can be Kaspersky Safe Kids, which works on devices with Windows, Android, iPhones, and iPads. Similarly to the above: with this program you can block unwanted websites, track the child's activity or set upper time limits for using the device.

Parents, remember! The Internet is a place that undoubtedly allows many valuable activities. But it should be used wisely, especially by the little ones. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on which websites your child ends up on and how much time they spend on the Internet. Fortunately, there are more and more solutions that will help you effectively manage your child's access to websites.