Complete solution for booking

System allows you to add booking & availability functionality to your already existing website because it can be installed as a standalone service. Our engine is web application that allows users to book an appointments via the web interface. With flexibility in mind you can have various selection possibilities of daily or hourly event granularity.

System provides an availability overview calendar and a booking creation form. It's also possible to configure open hours and make a payment for ordered service. You may set a price per day / hour, and the reservation form will add a booking. Moreover, system provides the ability to sync your data with Google Calendar so you can use them with other services.

Appointment and customer management

Manage all your appointments with calendar displays and layouts. Handle all the customer data and their booking history more easily than ever.

Services and service providers

Set up your services and employees / teams / sections which will serve the customers. Each service is flexible and every provider can have his own schedule.

Booking workflow and rules

Set up the system at your own will, configure the business hours and breaks and let customers book, modify or cancel appointments within specific periods of time.

Google calendar sync

Synchronise your events with Google Calendar and share them with others. Providers and secretaries will be able to schedule their data as well.

Soft4Booking for accommodations and spaces

Make the best impression with all-in-one booking engine system

Combine powerful availability and pricing management for multiple properties and owners.

Create special offers for your properties. Create special prices for time periods and dedicated landing pages to promote your offers as well as display a list of participating properties.

  • Flexible channel management
  • Beautiful pages for your property in just a few minutes
  • Calendars show the state of affairs at a glance

Email & SMS notifications

Get email notifications for any change on the schedule including bookings, modifications and cancellations. Customers are also informed in time for changes in their appointments.

Standalone installation

Thanks to well designed architecture installation is quick and painless.

Quick payments

System allows you to define your preferred payment methods. We support many payment gateways or offline payments.

Add-ons & extras

Do you have extras you'd like to make available with your accommodations, things like guided tours, bike rentals or a cookery holiday? Define add-ons for each service and start up-selling today.

Soft4Booking for services

Take control of scheduling meetings and appointments

Complete solution for managing the availability and on-line bookings for services like: rooms, halls, appointments and any other resource that requires hourly granularity bookings.

  • Dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of all your service's availability in an instant.
  • Thoughtful architecture with high scalability
  • Ideal for small and large companies

Multilanguage user interface

Use the application in your own language. We support over 21 languages. New translations are being added all the time.

Multiple Attendants

Handling accessibility for multiple users and customer groups at certain times is just as easy.

Responsive design

Launch the app from your mobile phone and handle all the UIs flawlessly in any viewport size.

API based

Develop rich content applications by using the flexible REST API endpoint and handle all the application-wide information from your clients.