CMS for ambitious digital experiences

It's a powerful set of extensions and tools for most common CMS platforms, meet the strongest link in your new content supply chain. Combine it with countless applications, thanks to API-first approach. Use Progressive Web Apps(PWA) to break restrictions from back-end without sacrificing security and accessibility. Deliver faster, with enhanced caching and better integration with CDNs and reverse proxies. Thanks to Soft4Cms you can build any integrated experience you can imagine.

Soft4Cms is content management software. It's used to simplify the creation of the websites and applications you use every day. System has great standard features, like easy content authoring, reliable performance, and excellent security. But what sets it apart is its flexibility, modularity is one of its core principles. Its tools help you build the versatile, structured content that dynamic web experiences need.

We offer a great opportunity to grow your business building websites and applications. The rock solid code base will help you get up to speed fast. Whether you are looking to build websites or develop applications, develop templates or extensions or something completely new use our framework, the possibilities are endless, use Soft4Cms today!

Flexible design and incredible scalability

Essential part of your marketing ecosystem

Content-first, commerce-first marketing solutions to achieve the most ambitious business goals.

Make the biggest change ever with full web and multi-channel solution, make your representation in-market as unique as your brand.

  • A flexible system, easy to extend and customise
  • Render any front-end experience built on a decoupled solution
  • High-tech digital presence as advanced as you are
  • Provide powerful and flexible solutions for your business workflows

API-first publishing

Unlock the potential of your structured content. It can now be accessed via many APIs. You can output it as JSON or XML as easily as HTML, expose data structures as services too. Send content wherever you need it to be, and present it with a frontend frameworks like React, VUE or AngularJS. This flexibility means groundbreaking experiences, and new architectural paradigms—like progressive and full decoupling are real options, right now!

Better performance and scalability

Advanced caching settings are better than before and better by default. Cache tags let you invalidate content accurately and immediately. You don’t have to turn CSS/JS aggregation on, because we already did. There are mobile-friendly alternatives to JavaScript-intensive features, and support for the new data-saving picture element. All these features (and more), in any language, mean speed.

Native support for integrations

Build interactions using four web services modules: RESTful web services, Serialization, Hypertext Application Language (HAL), and HTTP Basic Authentication. Make Soft4Cms the backbone for the unique series of external applications your project needs. Patch records in a CRM or marketing automation tool. Post to social platforms and send email campaigns. Get granular control over which resources are available and how they’re accessed.

Harmony in deployment

Fine-tune your configuration management with an all-new system. It's now much easier to move configuration changes between environments. That means better deployments and more sophisticated maintenance are at your fingertips. Build with precise control over the integrity of various data structures. Store configuration data consistently, in a central place.

Framework inspired with a new technologies

Deliver breakthrough digital experiences

Achieve your client’s business goals with sophisticated features that proliferate your brand, fosters engagement, and drives conversions.

Customizable and scalable to match your ambition. Build the dream solution using well designed architecture.

  • Search engine optimised out of the box
  • Flexible & Fully extensible
  • Multi-User permission levels
  • Awesome design features

Great editors experience

Turn great ideas into great experiences. Leave your desktop behind and create compelling content on more modern devices than ever. Work efficiently with better previews and drag-and-drop approach. And when you need to make quick changes, choose in-context editing and use only the tools you need.

Powerful in hands of administrators

It's easier to customize all building blocks of the system thanks to new admin tools, and more—than ever before. Control easily how data is displayed without using a single line of code. Structure content with more field types, and add SEO-friendly meaning with native markup. Make creating and managing content a great experience too.

Better authoring experience

Creating content doesn’t have to be a chore. Work quickly and easily from wherever you’d like. All frontend and backend themes are responsive, so you can use all of the admin areas from your mobile device as well. The authoring interface is split into two regions—one for the heart of your content, and one for its settings. Focus on all of the details at once, or only the ones you need. And with the help of new breakthrough editors (Layout builder, Gutenberg editor) built specifically for your clients. You can more easily control details like image alignment and captions right from the palm of your hand.

Accessibility for everyone

Soft4Cms ships with extensive support for accessibility standards, and not only for colour contrast and font sizes. Semantic HTML5 helps you create interactions—even ones with dynamic content—that are more usable. Soft4Cms now adopts more WAI-ARIA practices. You can make content structures easier to understand for people with disabilities.

Still missing a piece of functionality?

Extend with external modules or create your own extensions!

  • Build custom forms and surveys and extend it as you wish
  • Automatically provide structured metadata, aka "meta tags" about a website.
  • Add the Google Analytics web statistics tracking system to your website
  • Define conditionally executed actions based on occurring events
  • Back up and restore your database, code, and files or migrate a site between environments easily
  • Create XML sitemaps that conforms to the specification to improve SEO

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